Smokes 2017

Pull string purple smoke

Pull the string and get about 90 seconds of thick
purple smoke.
Mammoth Smoke
$1.00 each for colored
$0.75 each for white (or 3 for $2.00)

Thick colored smoke.  Choice of Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow,  and White.
Mammoth Smoke Video
Colored Smoke Balls
$7.20 box of 72
$1.20 pack of 12

Small smoke balls that produce smoke.
Smoke Ball Video
USA smoke

Color changing smoke from red, to white to blue
USA Smoke Video
Smoke Grenade

Pull the string and throw.  Has thick white smoke.

Artillary Smoke

White, yellow, red, and blue smoke from a larger smoke ball. pack of 4
Artillary Smoke Video
5 minute smoke

5 minutes of white smoke

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