Ground Spinners

Jumping Jack
$0.10 a pack, or $5.00 a brick

packs of 12 tiny ground spinners
Red, Green, and Yellow
Video (shows 2 packs)
Ground Bloom Flower
$4.00 for brick of 12 packs of 6
$0.35 for 1 pack of 6

Color Changing Ground Spinner.
Video (shows a 6 pack)
Ground Bloom with Report

Ground spinner with color that blooms out like a flower with loud report. 12 Packages of 6.

Video (Video shows a 6 pack)
Jumbo Crackling Ground Bloom

Ground spinner that ends in crackle. Jumbo size. Pack of 3.
Video __________________________________________________________________________________________
Star Ball

Spins on ground then jumps in air.  Pack of 6

Video (shows a pack of 6)

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